What’s wrong with Friendster desktop view on mobile phone?

Ah, damn it. Why i can’t open friendster with desktop version again? My phone is Sony Ericsson w550i and i try to access http://www.friendster.com with Opera Mini 4.1. What i get is just the mobile view. Everytime i type http://www.friendster.com with Opera Mini, i just auto directed to m.friendster.com bla2. It make me frustated. At first, i thought there’s something wrong with my Opera Mini, so i choose to delete it and download it again at mini.opera.com. It happened several times. I go online at mig33 to ask my friends about it. My friends said that there is a small link named view the desktop version below the login form. I try to open http://www.friendster.com again, as before, i was auto directed to m.friendster.com. Then i try to find the link named “view the desktop version” or something with desktop. I didn’t find it everywhere. What i can do was just try and try to access http://www.friendster.com. It was about my 50th try when the http://www.friendster.com appear at my Opera Mini. Happily, i enter my e-mail and password to log in. When i press login. The mobile version appear. But there is a link to desktop version. I didn’t wanna miss this chance. I sent testimonial to my friend, then view several friendster page of my friend. Then i overslept that night. When i woke up, i tried to access Friendster-Home again but it didn’t appear. Just auto direction like before. The question is, why friendster do this? It can cause many people get seldom to access their page because of time efficiency reason. Or this is about ads? As you know, there is no ads viewed if we open friendster via mobile phone when we go online without image. Ah, i don’t want to know. What i want is just friendster with desktop version can be viewed again.One more problem, i also have difficulty to login to Yahoo. I don’t know what’s wrong with this. Can somebody tell me what’s happened? 

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7 pemikiran pada “What’s wrong with Friendster desktop view on mobile phone?

  1. @philry4n

    Terima kasih sudah mau berbagi informasi. Namun saya kira “Latest News” di bagian bawah tulisan sudah menjelaskan hal tersebut.

  2. hy, gw udah qrim novel gw ke alamat emailmu, gw nunggu comment mu ya!
    oh ya, gw mau nanya cara ganti modem di komputer?

  3. @amanjaelani
    Ho oh, mending ga usah pake friendster lagi. Pake enemiester atau apa gitu yang musuhnya friendster :p ngaraang. Hhe..

    Wets wets.. mu ngiklan bayar pak. Hheu. . kagak deng. Sog lah mu ngiklan. . asal ga ada unsur SARA (+ azhari. Jah, artes tu mah)

    Ok, thanks for your information. Yeah, let’s send protest(s) to friendster using friendster feedback.

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