Friendster Desktop Version on Mobile Phone is Back

Yiha.. it’s been like a year since Friendster auto direct all mobile browser to Just now, i got a short message from my friend. He told that FRIENDSTER WITH DESKTOP VERSION IS ALREADY ACCESSIBLE NOW! Yea yea yea, Friendster must already know the cosequenses of what they do. Thanks to everyone that already send feedback to Friendster mobile. I’ve tried it, mobile version still appear if we click some links like submit and send message. But don’t worry.. Just go back then click the link again. I hope Friendster mobile is gone FOREVER! hush hush..
Yeah, this is must be celebrated 😀 C’mon, access the desktop version now!

Kata kunci : Friendster mobile is a history now, finally friendster mobile has disappear, gone forever, Friendster mobile will never come back again, let’s celebrate the return of desktop version, Friendster mobile, the worst page ever, has gone

Latest news, 6 June 2008 :
Autodirection to mobile version has come back again. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to login to the mobile site. Click help below the login form, then find and click Friendster Classic link at the help page.


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