Friendster mobile is not a suck site anymore

Since june, officially have the mobile version of it, located at All mobile user who try to access are auto-directed to the mobile site. I was so upset when i saw the mobile site at the very first time. It’s about 10 a.m. west indonesian time region *fyi, indonesia have three time region, west (gmt+7), middle (gmt+8), and east (gmt+9). I already sent protests to the friendster team, and this is their response (click to view). At the time, the mobile version of friendster was really a very bad one. We even couldn’t post a comment! Imagine how jerk it was =D Lol. But now, after 5 months work of the friendster team, beside the main function of giving testimonial, viewing profiles, and so on, i even can upload photos and get a text alert sent directly to my phone. Awesome! The most interesting part is, the mobile version can understand some html code used at my shoutout. You can see my customized profile at Beside that, you can access the mobile version with desktop browser (such as mozzila, internet explorer, etc) if you aren’t patient enough to wait the desktop view of friendster.

Yeah, after all, friendster mobile is getting better by the time. Now, i think it’s already comfortable to use =]


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