Review about friendster in 2008

Yeah, in my opinion, friendster’s team work wasn’t so good over this year. Let’s have a review about it.

Friendster launched the mobile site on Mei, 30th 2008. (See what i wrote about it). Honestly, at first, i was really surprised. “what site is this? Friendster mobile? Cih, premature.” Already a hate at the first time. Several days later the desktop version was coming back, but it was going mobile again at June, 6th. Then i sent a complaint to friendster’s team. (Read my complaint and their reply here). Their reply made me calm down a lil bit and wait what would they do with it. Well, gently i said, the mobile view on mobile phone wasn’t that bad anymore, at least until the annoying maintenance come. At the first maintenance, we can’t access the mobile version at all. Okay, at the time i waited for several days until finally it was accessible again. But, what i get? All my friend was lost! Again, the premature and embarassing work of friendster’s team. Although my friendlist have been recovered and i don’t know how complicated is their job was but for me they’re not doing it very well.


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