00.00 and still up

2014 firework

My New Year Reflection Starts Here

It’s 00.00, Jan 1st, 2014 according to West Indonesian Time. Finally, our official journey for 2014 have been started.

I’m spending this special moment alone in my room. For me, being alone is perfect for new year. Being alone, I could do self reflection on what i’ve done in 2013 without any disturb.

I’m so proud of myself this year. I’m working so hard and control myself well enough to achieve my goal. This year, i’m doing knowledge expansion by taking free online courses from http://www.coursera.org/

My 5 Statement of Accomplishment:

  1. An introduction to Operation Management from University of Pennsylvania (Upenn).

    • University of Pennsylvania
    • This course is all about finding the bottleneck of a process in order to increase the productivity. This operation management knowledge is very useful. Besides its application on business related environment, we also could apply it in a very broad context in our real life to improve the efficiency of our daily activity.
  2. Foundation of Business Strategy from University of Virginia

    • University of Virginia
    • The name of this course already speaks the subject so loud. From this course, i’ve learned how to use several strategic analysis tools in order to assess industry structure, firm capabilities, competitive dynamics, determining competitive position, and determine firm scope.
  3. Creativity, Innovation, and Change from Pennsylvania State University

    • Pennsylvania State University
    • This course is teaching me that every people is creative, the only difference is just the creative style and creative level.
    • Some people are creative in a less structured way, they tend to break the rules. While others are creative in a more structured way. That’s perfectly fine. Even the collaboration of less structured and highly structure could generate a very strong outcome.
    • I’ve learnt that there is no right or wrong in innovation as there is no exact definition of a home, it’s all about our perspective. Changing perspective sometimes could change the way we see things dramatically, but we also have to be extra careful about it.
  4. Microeconomics Principle from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

    • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
    • It’s named microeconomics due to its nature of focus on economic activity happened inside one country while macroeconomics is focusing on economic activity internationally.
    • The most remembered thing from this course is the concept of opportunity cost. My life never been the same since i know this concept. Every choice that we made contain cost. If we choose A, we have to sacrifice B, thus B is the opportunity cost that we suffer because we choose A.
    • It is also interesting to understand the relationship of certain economic aspect (such as minimum wages) to another (such as inflation rate, etc.)
  5. Social Psychology from Wesleyan University

    • Wesleyan University
    • Area of Psychology have long attracted me to study about it. On this course, i got the opportunity to expand my knowledge about psychology, especially in the field of Social Psychology.
    • Social Psychology is a scientific study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another.
    • On this course, i’ve learned so much interesting concept about how to create positive impression and how important it is, what is confirmation bias, science of persuasion, social pressure, and many other magnificent things. These are important knowledge for me as a foundation for further development of my career as entrepreneur someday.

What i’m doing on new year’s eve:

  • Watching TV
  • Blogging
  • Reflecting
  • Making New Year Resolution
  • Reading
  • Chatting
  • And watching this hilarious video below. LOL


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