Google Error 502

Google Error 502

This error code is shown on Google when i tried to search on Google. I don’t know this is an error or sign that Google is being attacked by hacker or something. I will get back to you soon.


I don’t know what caused that error. When i tried to open, now it’s already back to normal. Looking at the message displayed there, it seems that Google sometimes got some error too. I’ve searched google 502 error and it seems like Google already have this type of error for several times. There is one people post on Yahoo! Answer back in 2009, so it’s been there along time ago.

The first time i got this message, i think that Google is falling down due to hacker attack, so i quickly post about this and choose to check the fact latter šŸ˜€

google back to normal

365 project

This post is part of my 365 project, a part of my 2014 resolution. I would write at least 1 post day for 365 days.



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