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For you Nokia fans, there is good news for you. It seems like Nokia is now developing a Android device with code name Nokia A110. May be Nokia has learnt from their mistake on the past, using Microsoft Windows Phone OS exclusively, and now trying to arise and back on the game by developing new product that use Android OS.

This shocking screenshot is  showing screenshot of “about phone” screen on Android OS. Model number of NOKIA A110 is seen there. We also could see there that this device is using the latest Android OS 4.4.1 (KitKat). On the rigth side, there is also screenshot from Antutu benchmark application, stating the brand of Nokia there and the usage of 5.0 MP rear camera.

It’s kind of unbelievable news for me because now Nokia has already been bought by Microsoft. I strongly believe that Microsoft will want to use their own mobile platform on their mobile phone like what they have done previously. Well, let’s wait and see whether this phone is for real or not.

celular nokia com android

celular nokia com android

365 project

This post is part of my 365 project, a part of my 2014 resolution. I would write at least 1 post day for 365 days.



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