Angry Birds Epic APK, Google Drive + Google Play Link

angry birds epic

The latest game from Rovio is now available on Android. For you who want to download Angry Birds Epic APK, you can download it now by clicking on the Google Drive link below.

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Angry Birds Epic Gameplay:

For you who wants to know the gameplay, here is the official gameplay video provided by Rovio

chuck icon small


Angry Birds Epic Review:

The Angry Birds Epic APK file size is quite large, so you may want to download it using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data. After installing the Angry Birds Epic APK, i hope to play it right away. But, whoops, after completely downloading the Angry Birds Epic APK, it doesn’t necessarily bring an instant game play like another APK did. Instead, we have to download several music file on the internet. After that, than we can fully enjoy the game.

From my opinion, this game is quite addictive. Angry Birds Epic has the same background story with Angry Birds. Green pigs steal the eggs of the birds so that the birds become angry and there was a battle between them. In the game Angry Birds Epic, gamer will also be playing a number of characters in the popular Angry Birds series, such as Red, Chuck and bombs, which have the unique ability to attack.

One interesting aspect in the game Epic RPG game Angry Birds Angry Birds series other than the gamer is not only invited in a new adventure in a fantasy world but also offered a more interesting battle. In the game Angry Birds Epic, gamers will encounter the characters of birds and green pigs who were armed with swords, wands, shields and more.

Here is some screenshot of the game:

Angry Birds Epic APK Loading Screen Screenshot

Before entering each battle, this loading screen will appear

Angry Birds Epic APK Battle Screen Screenshot

This is the battle screen. If you watch carefully, there is a chili image on the bottom center of the screen. When the chili becomes red, it will unleash the secret attacking power of the bird

Angry Birds Epic APK Roullete Screen Screenshot

After winning each battle, there will be a roulette like this. Aim for the shining item. Collect the item as much as possible and unlock the new weapon using the item.


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